Sunday, May 16, 2010

First ever test with the new AE RC18B2


What a car!!...i have done app 10-12 packs with this car today, and it is a good, that i have not tried anything like it erlier..It handles like a dream in the air, and is dialed on the track, soaking up bumps good, and the setup that i have found is good to. Small miss that i did when i built the rear diff, so it broke avter 4 packs..but that is fixed now. Next thing is to let my friend CNC the pinions that i have..

Cant wait to next time...



Vilken bil...utan tvekan den bästa ja kört..o det e efter 12 ackar...damn va trevlig, sjukt fint i luften, slipper o allt, de baara e för härligt..Ett missöde me bakdiffen, men detta berodde på slarv, men kunde laga de på plats tack till Johannes för tips o hjälp.


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