Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Project Thin4 - Ultra light 1/10th offroad racer | info


As you have seen i have started with a new project..not sure where it´s gonna end, but i hope it will be good =). There is one thought that cross my mind, tires...they are the absolutley the heaviest parts/rotating parts on this car..regular 1/10th tires like , Holeshot etc is not an option i think..Schumacher mini pins, and foams is the trick..not sure about TC pins yet or rallyblock.

I do have a complete tranny and steering, but the steering is not ballraced, and the B4 tranny is mounted on my Ansmann to hold see how i do it. Allt this parts are however ordered.

Shocks..i have ansmann shocks, but they are to long i think..Losi..hmm, not sure i do have them here, but think they are kind ov heavy

I hope i can get somewhere this weekend...

stay tune


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