Saturday, September 25, 2010

Season 2010 outdoor

This season was the worst, with only one race. This was caused by the guys who runs this organisation. Date was moved and i had planned in almost 5 races this season..If this will show up @indoor season or coming 2011 outdoor i cant see any idea for me to get into it..

But il cross my fingers and hope that summer 2011 will be a good year, with a new car im like a newborn baby =)..

But this summer i have been running a LOT of 1/18 scale 4wd and 1/16 2wd on the GreenHill and Weedglade raceway(that sadly will move). So i am not sad or so, i think this season have been great with a descent number of tracktimes, but for racing, it is bad...

Hope Nille and Stefan will get the Vintercup out soon so i can book me up on a few cross my F´s for GOOD TIRE SELECTION and not the Crapy Schumacher, that ya need to dremeldown...


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