Monday, November 22, 2010

Linus is back on track,or bash

Been a while since i posted some more "bashing-fun" stuff..well here it is, as you all know i bought a Ansmann Macnum the past summer...the goal was to run in the Summer cup with it. But cant run all classes, so i transformed it to a Chevy 72 basher..I have prommised my son a new Tx (transmitter) but i have almost no time, and that have been running out in the "sand"..

But for bearly a month ago i got a new SanwaM11 for me, so there was no problem, he will use my old but nice KoPropo Helios radio.

So i took the truck and looked over prety sight...dirty,damaged gearbox, no el, just start...since i almost got a car in spare and a load of spares to for it, i just replaced the gearbox, looked over the gears,and no problem here...I sold off all my Speedpassion stuff, but saved my Hobbywing Xerun60 esc for this, that one is used say 10 packs..resoleder it and installed, with a brand new Tekin RedLine non-sensor motor..think it is the 362 series..

The truck have a load of options on.

Lunsford Titanium t-buckles

Blue RPM rod ends


Carbon T-plate

Carbon front tower (5mm)

Carbon rear tower (5mm)

Alu 12mm Hex

Alu front armholder with opt brass weight

Alu rear arm holder (front/rear/rear)

Alu ft motormount

Prolines Sand-Paws

RPMs crome claws

Prolines 2.5 Chevy -72 Blue metallic,and some Parma stickers, for more realistic look


Hobbywing Xerun 60a

Tekin Redline 362

Spectrum Pro

Ko 2413

Ko Helios Radio

The Electronics have been sealed with a plastic/coat spray for electronics to save it from water...hope i did a good job, cuz today it is a grand test for my son with it.


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