Thursday, January 06, 2011

Can´t wait so i decided to test the SC 4wd class..

Since allmost all my cars are sold or up for sale, i had to do be hounest, i do like SC cars...maybe i have been affected by someone. A good paint, and a good driver behind is art to watch...just check this video out, cava and May fighting on a local race..


So i talked to a former clubmate and ordered a SCRT-10 car..i will run this car with

Novak Ballistic 4.5T 550 SC
XP1313 servo
IB 5600 Lipo
Jc tires
Jc lid

Il go for the RUbber at the moment, time will tell if i will move over to foams..

I know, or do hope that rc-monsters will produce a slipper for this car...less work with setups..


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