Tuesday, June 14, 2011

FLM E-Maxx - MMM - MIP - UE

Yes...finaly? i went to the Monstertruck class...to :D...i own the "smaller" Stampede 4x4, and love it, on 4s it is a screamer in the gravelpit. Since i do not race 1/10th buggy anymore, i decided to test a truck like this..and i had some serious luck, a FLM Maxx chassi, with

Mamba Max Monster
MMM 2200 motor
FLM chassi,tower and so on
FLM Hybrid Bulks <----this is the best upgrade for BulletProof
Diffs HBs 1/8 hardned
Servo:Hitec 7955
UE shocks

What i will do, and have already ordered, and have some of them home is

RPM Front arms
RPM rear true - track conversion
Proline Chevy -72 : Bluemetallic
6 s lipo
MIP CVD on all corners
RPM CLaws Stablemaxx rims
Proline Masher tires


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