Tuesday, August 09, 2011

UKMicroX 2011

Craig Harris wins 1/16 4wd and Dann Osbourne wins 2wd 1/16

A-Main Leg 3

I BQ and won B-Final, laptime and laps would placed me in top 6th A-Main..but that is IF i qualified ok, wich i didnt..


Blogger Cris Oxley said...

BQ on a surface you have never raced on was a good result!

I race at these tracks every week and I struggle to make the A finals lol

6:33 AM  
Blogger Thomas Pettersson said...

Thanx Chris...when i looked at my result on the B-FInal, i did see that would placed me in top 6 A-Final..but thats the classic "IF" i have qualified good...all my falut..struggling with the car..al day,and different surfaces...but i loved it...best race i ever done!!

9:56 AM  

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