Saturday, September 03, 2011

MonsterSlash | rollcage or body

Yes, this is the Q i have been asking me and others...some say, they cant see the whole idea with a cage on a rc-car, some other say it is way to heavy...

I bought the Proline Chevy-80 Blazer lid, for a Maxx2.5 and it will fit ok actually. BUT for how long will it last?

If im gonna buy a cage, there is 2 options, the third one is not..

So the cage that can be bought are the VG-Racings for app 80 dollars or the RC4WD´s one for beefy 150 dollars...

Bu i have not decided if it will be a steel or plastic (delrin) cage...the Steel one will be heavier, but with a Monster system that will not be any issue , maybe the stress on the plastic parts..still a 1/10th slash/Stampede 4x4 parts....


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