Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1200 posts over 11000 unique visitors

Hehe, il be dedicating this post to all you that follows me, or watch,look and so on.

It is fun, but i am ill and are home from work a few days, and this will give me some time to think.

I will be thinking of my hobby, i love it, i hate it, i want to run my cars all the time, i do not want to see them at all...i been doing this since 1982 (been telling this in earlier posts) . But today i do live alone, and have my loved kids one week (and one week with their mother)..they take all my time, when they are here, and when they aren't i want to chill, and do some small amount of rc-racing...

Still my plans are to visit the SMC in Halmstad, but only with almost one eye, that will not happen. The race-moment is not the most impotent for me anymore..that was mostly with 1/10th cars, to get my license...i achieved that, and have done what i be running some small race in the future..and have fun


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