Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winter project 2011-2012 | Car called "Timing" | Part 27

So finaly this car is to 98 % done...hingepins for the front and rear ends will be threaded and fixed later, and a lid...thats it, everything else is done.. It have been fun,hard and sometimes impossible, but somehow i managed to solve most of the problem. A major BIG thank you to Simone Osbourne @ PhatBODIES who gave me the strength and tip to make my own "Thud in Swedish" =), and all other guys to for follow me.. For the best looking micro body's on the market please do visit their site or the separate part at ukmicroforum

PhatBODIES @ uk-microrc forum


Timing 1/16 2-Belt 4wd Micro Buggy by Tp-Parts


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