Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Team Associated SC18 rtr to Race SC18

Some information from me, i know i have been bad on updates on my blog, i am thinking of it kind of much, but have so little time..for me is the quality the main,and quantity the less. So i hope i got some readers left here..

Winter is here, and it is frezing!! minus 15 celsius

Nuff said about this, i am as you all know back on track with racing, and main 4wd 1/10th El..i raced for 2 weekends ago, and placed me as number 6 of total 19 starting, i did it to A-Main, some real good top drivers of sweden was in this race, Mikael Johansson, Junior EC driver. Quick "nillman" Månson, Robert "pleased" Häggren" etc..

But i still do burning for the small scale, they are quick,easy to go with and a lot of driving less work on the car...So as you have sen on my previous post i was up to Enköping and testing some AE RC18B2 on the Rynos Raceway..Ok here it is, the bomb..i like the Shortcourse cars on a strange way..they are butt-uggly, but on a real cool way...spec the little Associated SC18, that lid looks mean...So i ordered a SC18 rtr for a day a go, and i will recive it today. rtr?, well no kit yet.

Ordered some Superdiffs,Shiny CVD,Diffpulleys etc...


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