Thursday, October 20, 2011

Winter project 2011-2012 | Car called "Timing" will be built this season as a project.

Between all practice and racing with my mighty Carisma GT14B i will start building/modifying and fabricating my (not new car) custom car. This is only a Project, to relax this winter between all practice.

The man who inspired me is the body,lid guru Si at PhatBODIES he have done a car called Thud, that is a masterpiece, since the day he released some pics on that car i was sold..

This project will take some time and i will not rush it just to get it out on track..Some obstacle will be a hard nut to crack...

*Slipper or no Slipper
*Shorter front belt (i have ordered some custom belts for a earlier project,so this will be done, but costy
*front and rear tower? measurements are important
*Kickup or front axlemount that will give more "kickup" see how il solve this one


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