Saturday, January 14, 2012

AE SC10 4x4 | 3rd test...

Ok, so i have done 3 session with the truck...and i must say, from the start, it has been only better, but yesterday it got got real bad actually, to be honest i was unsecured of the capability of the truck, maybe it did not fit me and my D-style ?....

1st Session was app 4 packs, and it was ace, i had it box stock, but 3k rear diff and 20k front diff...
Rear shocks 30w AE and 35w in the front (AE)..good grip, tons of steering, but very SOFT..

2nd Session i got the Swaybars, springs and so went better...and still no need for tire sauce

Yesterday and the 3rd session, the track was awsome, and difficult..the truck was slippery in the rear, and i tested amost after 4-5h i was so close to throw in the towel..but my Clubmate, Nillman, helped me and told me again, you must use Tire sauce..(with this kind of tire it is no NEED for that with the 2wd SC cars...) ok, il do it, i rebuild the truck to stock setup, and monted the Yellow hard sways, and did some traction compound ..damn, i was reborn !! the car is insane!!...thank god for that!!


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