Monday, July 30, 2012

Stockholms cup 1/8 el

Last outdoor race for me with the 1/8 buggy. Was fun. I did more then ok, and with a strong field, i could only hope to Q to A-main...said and done, of 21 starting, i Q to A-main as number 9.. The car is awesome, and christer @ is superb with all support and help. first final i ended up in a big start-crash and think i crossed the finish as number 7-9.. 2nd leg, i got away good, and stayed away from the crash, and picked up some real good speed...3rd place and the car was good...the huge 5step jump was easy as allways..but at the landing there was a car on roof...result..bent front main shaft, and a few sec later, the car was dead..motor cable was off... Same in the 3rd and last A-main...but this time the motor was moved, so no powa... overall, i am MORE then happy, i have always newed what i had in me, and i CAN be up there with the big guys.. Stay tune for more fun... something huge will enter this apartment soooon :D


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