Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wait....just waiting for some stuff to arrive!


Not sure really what to wright...just thought i should do something...I got a confirm from Amainhobbies that my order is shipped, it was shipped with USPS envelope, easy shipping method.12 days or upp to 60!! they said, now that aint so funny, but maybe this is the darkside to be cheep...i have used this shipping method erlier and it took some time, maybe i have no need to be nervous about ?

I hope my order will be shipped asap, what i understand they have warehouse in Germany and app 7 days will be the shipping..i ordered them Sunday, maybe mid next week ?

Ansmann truck...the Macnum, the cheap and non Pro kit. They are so cheap i bought 2 of them. one for spare ;) and tons of other spares and hopups from and I think i handled right, i bought some hopups like

All hopups are orginal stuff. most of them...

::-::Carbon shocktowers front and rear

::-::Rear T-Plate, this is one of the best hopups besides the shocks. made of carbonfibre.

::-::Front and rear arm holder, made of alu, with a optional brass weight in front.

::-::Pro motormount, the stock as they say are made of cheese :).....

::-::Pro Alu Hex, no need for them, just abling "nice feeling" :)

Other stuff that i think will ge tthis truck from ok to real good :)

::-::Lunsford titanium turnbuckle kit for the RC10T4 truck.. even if the stock one will hold up, this is a thing i wanted to upgrade...

::-::RPM heavyduty for lookl and strength :)

::-:: Losi shocks, now this is the biggest improvment on this truck...the Losi shocks are well known as one of the best, but i think the new AE ones is real nice...but since i have a lot of Losi shock parts i made the choice, i will stick to Losi. I had 4 shock house in my sparebox, so i had only to complement with 0.9 front house to this one. Besides this, i took 4 cartridge, new shockshafts,Blue spring in front and internal springs. i have been driving with the internals for app 2-3 ears now and it is a big improvment on on-powa..the steering is still here, and under brake, this is a new thing, internal on rears...they give me more stabel car under braking.




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