Sunday, December 05, 2010

Short report from Fridays practice

Well, not sure what to say. The "i want to drive now" feeling is gone for my 1/10th 4wd..have almost no feeling at all for it. This is the first time since my "reborn". But i took all my 1/10th and 1/18 parts with me. The weather is real bad, with TON´s of snow..and the way down to the clubhouse was not i almost got stuck down there, have to reverse my car all the way up..

No good temps in the clubhouse, this affected the car´s tire...and i did not bring any Schumacher that we use to race with...but over all it was real boring with 1/10th..i did 1!! pack and then put it away for my Associated we talking!!

I did app 4 packs, and it is so fun and nice to drive, that i have decided to put all my focus on this car for the indoor season now..1/10th is sick fun, but our clubhouse is not the best, it works and i had a lot of fun, but i cant find that feeling..


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