Sunday, April 29, 2012

First test - 1/8 El buggy

So i have done was hard, it was difficult..but fun as XXXX =)...see if i might have any chance to test more Tuesday. Im looking ot for a good basher car this summer...i know the VXL 4x4 Stampede is one rock solid car..but i used to own it, and it did not cost me anything in spares...i bought a race roller on ebay and mounted her up with SCT MMP Pro system and the big 550 2400 motor on 4s...the car was so abused that i could not belived my eyes... maybe it is the way for me again to go...they are awsome, and hold together and got tons of spares out there now...ok, the Q is, why do i not buy it?...i was thinking of the "new" EXO from look awsome, the main thing that scares me is the reliability of that car..

i mean, a Traxxas Stampede, with BigBore SE shocks, RPM and we have a lift off...  


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