Monday, July 30, 2012

Ten7 TDM on order

Yepp it is true...not sure why but used to run Mx back in the old days for fun..younger brother bought a YZ250...and that one has not worked flawless...plan was to get a oldschool KX500 91-92...but sold that idea to the trash :).... Somehow i got back to the Pitbike thoughts..a friend started the Ten7, and he quit that for a long time search for him and asked a few Qs..perfect for my son and me my brother to buy one to...somehow i allways like to fabricate, tune and so on...spec with the rc cars that i have been doing since -82..and not forgot the Ford F-100 -56 that fixed up :).. So, first out is the Ten7 140cc,some magn plug, load of airfilters, new Handlebars and graphix..later i hope to get the Kitaco inner kit, highflow ex/muff


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