Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chunk 2 - The small bite in small scale racing


Just waiting to get my hands on this kit!! it is one of, it is the best looking 1/16 car that i ever have seen, and it´s style do fit about, 1/10th PARTS...hope mrspeedy at phatboddies relese this kit soon.



Ojoj, utan tvkean den vackraste mini bilen jag skådat...ja hoppas verkligen den släpps snart..den innehåller massor av 1/10 delar, vilket underlättar för en annan...Associateds delar :D..


Blogger helen said...

nice buggy.The nitro cars are more of a hobby product than the electric ones as they are a little more difficult to use but once you learn how to use them are great fun and the small engine adds to the realism of the model.


9:24 PM  

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