Thursday, June 28, 2012

Back to racing

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Spareparts on the way

Spareparts for the 1/10th 4wd season

1 x ASC9603 Team Associated Slipper Pad (B4/T4) $6.39
1 x ASC5407 Team Associated Shock Rebuild Red O-Ring $1.89
1 x ASC6443 Team Associated Factory Team Bleeder Shock Cap 1/10 (4) $6.39
1 x ASC1777 Team Associated Factory Team Shock Ball Ends with Aluminum Eyelets (Blue) $6.39
5 x ASC9715 Team Associated Front Arm Set (B44) $27.45
1 x ASC9630 Team Associated Ballstud Washer (10) $2.79
4 x ASC7369 Team Associated Universal 3/16" Axle Pin (4) $7.56
2 x ASC7484 Team Associated Factory Team "V2" 1/10 Shock Rebuild Kit $16.50
2 x ASC7381 Team Associated CVD Rebuild Kit B4/T4/GT $15.58
1 x ASC7486 Team Associated Factory Team "V2" Slipper Spring & Washer Set $1.89
1 x ASC7933 Team Associated Crush Tube (2) $1.39
8 x ASC6579 Team Associated Differential Drive Rings (B44) $11.12
2 x ASC4187 Team Associated Nylon Axle/Shock/Hub Carrier Spacer $3.78
8 x ASC3914 Team Associated Differential Ring Gear & Drive Pinion Gear $51.12
2 x ASC6277 Team Associated .300" Ball Stud (Silver) (6) $12.78
1 x ASC6915 Team Associated 4-40 x 5/8" Flat Head Screw (6) $1.89
1 x ASC9645 Team Associated Button Head Screw 2-56x1/8" (6) $1.89
1 x ASC6469 Team Associated Shock O-Ring (4) $1.39
2 x ASC9713 Team Associated Front Bulkhead (B44) $7.38
4 x ASC6573 Team Associated Differential Thrust Washers and Bolt $14.76
1 x ASC6292 Team Associated 4-40 x 3/8" Flat Head Screw (6) $1.89
1 x ASC7413 Team Associated 4-40 x 3/4" Button Head Screw (6) $1.89
4 x ASC9722 Team Associated Steering Block (B44) $14.76
4 x ASC9720 Team Associated Caster Block (B44) $14.76
1 x ASC9718 Team Associated Front & Rear Bumper (B44) $3.69
3 x RPM73397 RPM Long Shank 4-40 Rod Ends (Yellow) (12) $13.77
2 x ASC9733 Team Associated Transmission Case (B44) $7.38
2 x ASC9726 Team Associated Rear Chassis Plate (B44) $7.38
1 x ASC1406 Team Associated Turnbuckle 2.00" 51mm Blue (2) (B4/B44) $8.25
1 x ASC6924 Team Associated 4-40 x 3/8" Cap Head Screw (6) $1.89
1 x ASC4334 Team Associated 2-56 x 5/16" Button Head Screw (8) $1.89
1 x ASC6917 Team Associated 4-40 x 3/8" Button Head Screw (6) $1.89
1 x ASC9269 Team Associated 5-40 x 1/2 Flat Head Screw $1.89
1 x ASC6276 Team Associated .200" Ball Stud (Silver) (6) $6.39
1 x ASC9865 Team Associated Factory Team 0.5° Aluminum Hub Set (2) $30.99
3 x ASC9734 Team Associated Outdrives (B44) $53.97
3 x ASC6582 Team Associated Differential Thrust Spring $4.17
2 x ASC2330 Team Associated Differential T-Nut (2) $10.98
1 x ASC9749 Team Associated Front CVA Kit (B44) $26.49
1 x ASC2221 Team Associated 4-40x7/16" Button Head Cap Screws (6) $1.89
1 x ASC9703 Team Associated B44 Front Shock Tower $17.99
1 x ASC9755 Team Associated CVA Rear Axle $9.25
2 x ASC7996 Team Associated Factory Team Posi-Lock Pin Retainer (2) $7.38
1 x ASC9747 Team Associated Front CVA Bone (B44) $9.99
1 x ASC89221 Team Associated 5x4mm Set Screws (10) $2.79
1 x ASC9756 Team Associated Rear CVA Kit (B44) $26.49
2 x ASC3911 Team Associated Transmission Shim Set $9.18
3 x ASC6909 Team Associated Differential Bearing, 3/16 x 5/16 (2) $16.47
1 x ASC7673 Team Associated Flat Head Screw,4-40 x 5/16 (6) $1.89
1 x ASC9647 Team Associated Steering Block Bushing $3.69
1 x ASC9750 Team Associated Axle Drive Hex (B44) $5.49
1 x ASC9762 Team Associated Front Center CVA Kit (B44) $14.49
1 x ASC9754 Team Associated Rear CVA Bone (B44) $9.99
3 x ASC9714 Team Associated Shock Tower Mounts (B44) $8.37
1 x ASC9742 Team Associated Slipper Drive Cups (B44) $2.79
1 x ASC9717 Team Associated Front Hinge Pin Brace (B44) $8.25
1 x ASC1404 Team Associated Titanium Turnbuckle,1.775" $8.25
1 x ASC9748 Team Associated Front CVA Axle (B44) $9.25
1 x ASC9740 Team Associated Slipper Nut (B44) $2.79
1 x ASC9761 Team Associated CVA Input Shaft (B44) $4.59
5 x ASC6574 Team Associated Precision Differential Thrust Ball, 5/64" (6) $9.45
5 x MIP09149 MIP 3/32” Differential Balls (12) $11.45
1 x ASC9704 Team Associated B44 Rear Shock Tower $16.49
1 x TLR5095 Team Losi Racing 12mm Shock End & Spring Cup Set (TLR 22) $7.29
1 x KYOUM317 Kyosho 1/48 Pitch Steel Pinion Gear (17T) $4.59
1 x ASCLRP819315 LRP High Flex Sensor Wire (150mm) $9.25
2 x SCHU6558 Schumacher "Mini Spike 2" 1/10 Buggy Rear Tires (Yellow) (2) $20.98
2 x SCHU6557 Schumacher "Mini Spike 2" 1/10 4WD Buggy Front Tires (Yellow) (2) $19.50
2 x SCHU6747 Schumacher "Tubby" 1/10 Buggy Rear Tire Insert (Medium) (2) $5.18
2 x SCHU6746 Schumacher "Tubby" 1/10 Buggy Front Tire Insert (Medium) (2) $5.18

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Xtreme's Pede 4x4

So the beast have been out for a hard test here at the cabin. In norrhen sweden/Seal/Highbeach

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Xtreme's to holiday in the mountains

Yes soon a break, will leave sthlm Thursday after work with my father to the cabin in Highbeach. Hope there will be some nice films
I will update during the 4h + drive

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

New GoPro mount from Tp-Parts

Made a new mount for my camera, old mount did not last, this one is a beast

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Xtreme's Stampede 4x4 | Fadderbyn Dirt and BMX track

Finaly i had the chance to test the truck more serious, new VG-Cage mounted so the GoPro HERO2 camera. But my luck was short, the stock mount had a crack and the camera fell of at the first jump:(.

So i had to ground-mount it, the car is absolutley amaizing, the biggest improvment vs the old Pede 4x4 i had is the wing, it jumps like a 1/8 buggy!!!

Dirt jump!!

Monster machine :)

Short clips

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

GoPro HERO2 | New Carbon bracket

So finaly i fabricated a new bracket for the superb GoPro HERO2 camera, seems alright and nhope it will hold up

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Xtreme's Pede 4x4 | Done!!

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Xtreme's Pede 4x4 | VF cage panels

Took some time yesterday to fixe some panels for the cage. Carbon 3D vinyl, looks real good IRL.

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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Stockholmscupen/Botkyrka MK

Time for the first race, and the sexond in the serie called Stockholm Cup. Im not so nervous...yet:)..the only goal i have is to finish the race, i have only 5 packs total with a 1/8 el car and none at this track

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Xtreme´s Stampede 2012 VG cage

Finaly it is here, mounted it and attached a wing to...Badlands..kind of cool

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Xtreme's Pede 4x4 | bellets on the new 4s lipo's

Well today might be a new session of rain but it is in the air:/...drying up slowly but not sure, meanwhile i did some solder job on the new 5000mah 4s packs i got. Still missing my VG Cage, hope it arrives this week, but i got my kids so no rc

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