Monday, October 31, 2011

Winter project 2011-2012 | Car called "Timing" | Part 8

Short update, today all my parts been shipped.

This order,is the base of the whole car..

Next, to do is:

-redesign chassis
-redesign shocktower front and rear
-battery strap

Friday, October 28, 2011

Winter project 2011-2012 | Car called "Timing" | Part 7

So, finally i have ordered the main parts for this project, the buggy that i call "Timing" cuz of the Belts. Next order, will be placed soon, and will be

-Gear diffs
-misc plastic

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Winter project 2011-2012 | Car called "Timing" | Part 6

Bulkhead arrival....Doooh, it was two sad about this.

But today i just waiting for my withdraw from PP...then the parts will be bought for this project...

Ohh, 1 day left for my new iPhone 4S to arrive :D

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Phone sale ?

Yeah...not sure, il be receiving my new Iphone 4s this planning to sell my old has a small crack on the backside, and do not affect the phone at all..just use a guard, and yal nevva see it..

Q is, should i sell it? is bounded to a phone company... i can get app 2000Swe kronor in my hand for it as it is, app little less then 300 dollar..

well have to think :)


Up for sale is my:

Traxxas Stampede "XL" (Slash chassi) a lot of movies here, Hobbywing 1/8 150A sensor system / 2000rpm sensor motor - All RPM, ALL MIP, Kingsheadz motormount + Bushing(slipper). 1/8 Bigbore shocks on all 4 cormers, Futaba BLS451 servo, 1 4s Lipo, 3 sets of tires, Panther,Bowtie and Badlands, stainless steelcage,, some lids, and a LOT of parts, 3000 Swedish kronor, Exl freight In Sweden)

Carisma F14EVO roller..with servo, just tested ones, for a few meters, unpainted F1 lid,stickers and so.. 1100 Swe kronor incl Freight (In Sweden)

Monday, October 24, 2011

4 days left, iPhone 4s will be in my hands..

Yep, ordered one asap they was released here in Sweden, will get mine in a few days...finaly the wait is over

Winter project 2011-2012 | Car called "Timing" | Part 5

received a mail, that my bulkheads are leaving...i do hope i get them soon. not cuz im in a hurry, but it would be nice to see them =)


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Winter project 2011-2012 | Car called "Timing" | Part 4

On order is a Bulkhead that will give the "Timing 1/16 4wd Buggy" is not sure that it will work, but i do hope so. i will have you updated asap

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Winter project 2011-2012 | Car called "Timing" | Part 3

3rd part of my new project, will show the old Beltdriven car i made...i used the MRT18 driveline, and did a new bottom chassi and modified a new topdeck..modified is Xray and custom front belt...

Winter project 2011-2012 | Car called "Timing" | Part 2

Got a reply from the CNC mate, and there is a go on this i only have to order parts..

Winter project 2011-2012 | Car called "Timing" | Part 1

Ok, so i have started slowly..Mailed/PM some guys about some help..

Measurements on a specific Touring car.
Help to CNC a lower chassiplate in 2.5mm CF
New top-deck
New towers

Winter project 2011-2012 | Car called "Timing" will be built this season as a project.

Between all practice and racing with my mighty Carisma GT14B i will start building/modifying and fabricating my (not new car) custom car. This is only a Project, to relax this winter between all practice.

The man who inspired me is the body,lid guru Si at PhatBODIES he have done a car called Thud, that is a masterpiece, since the day he released some pics on that car i was sold..

This project will take some time and i will not rush it just to get it out on track..Some obstacle will be a hard nut to crack...

*Slipper or no Slipper
*Shorter front belt (i have ordered some custom belts for a earlier project,so this will be done, but costy
*front and rear tower? measurements are important
*Kickup or front axlemount that will give more "kickup" see how il solve this one

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1200 posts over 11000 unique visitors

Hehe, il be dedicating this post to all you that follows me, or watch,look and so on.

It is fun, but i am ill and are home from work a few days, and this will give me some time to think.

I will be thinking of my hobby, i love it, i hate it, i want to run my cars all the time, i do not want to see them at all...i been doing this since 1982 (been telling this in earlier posts) . But today i do live alone, and have my loved kids one week (and one week with their mother)..they take all my time, when they are here, and when they aren't i want to chill, and do some small amount of rc-racing...

Still my plans are to visit the SMC in Halmstad, but only with almost one eye, that will not happen. The race-moment is not the most impotent for me anymore..that was mostly with 1/10th cars, to get my license...i achieved that, and have done what i be running some small race in the future..and have fun

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Carisma GT14B 1/16 4wd Buggy | Micke B´s new lid and winge mounted

Here it is..

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Carisma M40S | Audi Quattro some dusting

^-^ Micke_B:s Carisma GT14B ^-^ | Check thread out :D

Here is a good thread, from my Teammate Micke, nice pics, only in Swedish

^-^ Micke_B:s Carisma GT14B ^-^

New lid post

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Painted some new wing and lid for my Teammate Micke B.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

SMC - Swedish Micro Challange | 15 days left

just above 2 weeks to the first race of the season..The first race will take place att Halmstad Miniracing in southwest Sweden, they have a state of the art facility . we are app 5 people from Stockholm, that will travel the almost 55 swe miles to Halmstad.

Carisma GT14B 1/16 4wd Buggy - RPM ballcups

so, th ecar is 99% done, got my new slipper here on the table, but the new RPM Yellows are mounted and i like it :D...

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Stampede "XL" 4x4 | the TRUE XL Badlands - gravelpit

Small clip from last session (yesterday)

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Carisma GT14B 1/16 4wd Buggy new paint on pusher