Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Carbon look sheet

Friday i will recive some nice carbon look sricker

Monday, August 30, 2010

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Out of town

So guys it will take until Friday before there wiill be any rc update.Hope you all can wait for it? i can tell ya there will be a lot of updates after coming weekend so please stay tune

Sunday, August 29, 2010

1:8 RM

Im on my first race that includes nitro1:8. Fun to see how Petros from my club did well in the 1/8 nd bumped up


Friday, August 27, 2010

Going short on course

SC 10 more info during the day

Shortcourse or not

Not sure about this...but this would be fun..monster voltage and some paddles...stay tunes for updates

HD filmning

Snart nya filmer i HD


Monday, August 23, 2010

Under 1100 grams...| 1090gram and going down..

So i have done some small mods..and i will post the new pics here. I have used 4wd front for 1/10th 4wd buggys in the rear, and saved over 10gr in rotating mass...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ultralightweight Thin4 | Done and soon to be tested...

3 days since last post...Hmm, have to change this =)..well a lot of work,and a lot of spending on my family...after that i did some spending on my new car, the Thin4. There is no revolution on this one, still a B4 factory Team car, that i have done so mods on...

I hope i can try it today...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Project Thin4 - Ultra light 1/10th offroad racer | info


As you have seen i have started with a new project..not sure where it´s gonna end, but i hope it will be good =). There is one thought that cross my mind, tires...they are the absolutley the heaviest parts/rotating parts on this car..regular 1/10th tires like , Holeshot etc is not an option i think..Schumacher mini pins, and foams is the trick..not sure about TC pins yet or rallyblock.

I do have a complete tranny and steering, but the steering is not ballraced, and the B4 tranny is mounted on my Ansmann to hold up...il see how i do it. Allt this parts are however ordered.

Shocks..i have ansmann shocks, but they are to long i think..Losi..hmm, not sure i do have them here, but think they are kind ov heavy

I hope i can get somewhere this weekend...

stay tune

Project Thin4 - Ultra light 1/10th offroad racer | Build 1


Had nothing to do, so why not test build a B4 so light as possible?

My name for the car is Thin4...and i will use 1/16th scale electronics in this one, or thats my goal.

Im aiming a wieght under 1000gr race ready, a dream would be around high 800.

This is my first atempt to do something like this, and i am using parts that i have home. Steering and gearbox is ordered.

I will use a cab-forward lid for my shape and i hope it can work.

Eke Grus AB....Gravel-pit | Bashing spot..MOVIE

This is my new film...my Ansmann Macnum Chevy with SPeedpassion 5.5 and 2s 5000 lipo

Rc-Xtreme.org will no longer support Swedish Language

So, this is the first only UK/US text..i will no longer support the Swedish Language. If you want me to translate some of the text please mail me at thomaspettersson(at)miniz-forumet.org

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eke Grus AB....Gravel-pit | Bashing spot..


Today i took out my Ansmann truck for some sandpawing...the truck working flawless and the new SpeedPassion v3.0 motor is perfect...i have a new gearing...87/17 insted of 84/19...the car have some serious acceleration and real good topspeed. The tire in this gravelhole is good, sick good :D...



Så över ett år sedan ja va hos "dom" för lite bash...sist hade ja min FLM stampede...o ja måste säga att min truck e no lika stor, o för en mikroskopisk peng :D...bilen går kanon, dock så e no plast dämparna på G att ge upp, bak topcap o fram en vardera ar lossnat vid kraftig chassislam...men, nya SpeedPassion motorn går som en dröm...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ansmann Macnum | Chevy -72 - Sand paws..number 2


First out is my son some small testing...at home

then we went to a gravelpit nearby..


PhatBODIES C2 | Track time


The car is so good that i will let my pic speak...i have only aded the RC10B4 balls from the rear shocks to my rear shocks..i got more outtravel, handles the bumps a lot better, but same compression..



Bilen går som en dröm, gjorde en liten mod bara...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

UK MicroX 2010 - Oople race report


Please check out the nice race report on http://www.oople.com/
Direct link to report Uk Micro X report
Or you can just hit the picture above..


Nu finns den online, ooples fina race rapport från Uk Micro X race

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Phat BODIES C2 | testing @ Green Hill Astro track nr:2


Yesterday, it was time to get the PhatBODIES CHunk to work...i had my new motormount, and recived the factory one to, i will mount that this week. I had some more Green Losi springs that i added to the rear..Sad it was real windy out, but i took it out, and i felt that the new MIP CVD did the job so much better then the HD FT alu ones..little soft in the rear, so i mounted the rear shocks in tower to the middle....and i can only say YES!!...i also cut the inner row on front tires, and it helped a lot. i think il did app 6-8 packs, nad the car is without a blink the best mini car yet ive tested..ok the RC18B2 car is fantastic, but it is 1/18 and 4wd style...

Thursday it will be a long test day...


Så i går var det dax för ytterligare ett test, PhatBODIES Chunk test nr 2. Jag hade precis såg ja när ja kom hem mitt nya FT motorfäste av Si på PhatBODIES, skall montera detta senare. Jag hade dessutom fått Losi Gröna fjädrar som ja monterade bak. den kändes lite mjuk efter att ha kört några ack, ja valde att montera bakdämpara i mittersta hålet i tornet..o vilken skillnad, onpower så styr den mycket bättre, den tar hoppen o bumpigheterna bättre...

I morgon Torsdag skall ja hänga på Låset runt 09:00 o köra fram till 17-18 typ...hård testande me Chunk p B2an

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Ansmann Macnum | Chevy -72 - Sand paws..


Like it or not, this is the new basha i got :)



Så nu eren klar...

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Ansmann Macnum | Chevy -72


Upcoming pimp lid for my truck..


Nya Cheva karossen en 1972 års model


Did some first test on the Green Hill..What a car


Vilken bil!!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Phat BODIES C2 | testing @ Green Hill Astro track


What a car!! best mini so far...super dialed, and taking the most of the bumps real good!!..the CM26 motor woking good, think il be testing the Novak later..


Gjorde min premiär repa i går me min Chunk..o vilken bil!!