Thursday, December 30, 2010

NEW YEAR...2011 will ROCK

Yes..this year, the 2011 will rock all :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Back home

SO, im back home, after a nice Christmas with my Father...-32 deg celsius and a lot of snow...Sauna and good food and beer..

29/12 im going to visit Rynos Raceway for some tracktime..

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas and Newyear..

Not sure, but maybe there will be some driving betweem Christmas and Newyear..

There is a huge change in my life, and this will affect my driving and racing...

All my cars are up for sale, i have decided to save:

Chunk 1/16 2wd car
Tp-Parts TEK14B car

rest is for sale..B44,RC18B2,SC18 and ansmann truck..

Will leave home tomoorow for some relaxing in Seal, in Dalarna...stay tune

Friday, December 17, 2010

Big change.... is not official and i cant say anything..yet. Everything is on sale..almost. i will leave my AE spares for the future..ya never know..but all cars,radios etc are up for sale

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

HR - Steeringrack

I do hope that my new linkage from HR will arrive soon..ballbearing for the steering-parts will make a huge difference..No more slopy steering, no more broken steering link :)

Pics will be here asap, got some new M-Series rim installed with JACO foams...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Associated SC18 - MIPéd and FT

Had some sparetime left over yesterday, before my sons birthdayparty.
Installed some MIP shiny CVD´s and Superdiff on my SC18, and Ti Turnbuckles FT.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Grand opening of my SC18 on the carpet OR track..

There is one word for this car...good, real good!! i will give it everyday 10 of 10...the only minus is the ground clearence..6 packs, stock gear problem, using a Novak Mongoose system 10.5T - Futaba 3156

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Associated SC18 rtr ---> Associated SC18 Race

Short report from Fridays practice

Well, not sure what to say. The "i want to drive now" feeling is gone for my 1/10th 4wd..have almost no feeling at all for it. This is the first time since my "reborn". But i took all my 1/10th and 1/18 parts with me. The weather is real bad, with TON´s of snow..and the way down to the clubhouse was not i almost got stuck down there, have to reverse my car all the way up..

No good temps in the clubhouse, this affected the car´s tire...and i did not bring any Schumacher that we use to race with...but over all it was real boring with 1/10th..i did 1!! pack and then put it away for my Associated we talking!!

I did app 4 packs, and it is so fun and nice to drive, that i have decided to put all my focus on this car for the indoor season now..1/10th is sick fun, but our clubhouse is not the best, it works and i had a lot of fun, but i cant find that feeling..

Friday, December 03, 2010

Less then 5h to Practice 1/18 and little 1/10th 4wd

Looked at the Post site and did see that my SC18 will arrive today!! Yippie..But today i will practice little 4wd 1/10th and a lot of 1/18 4wd..Everything is packed..just wait.

Pics from today will be up later

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Team Associated SC18 rtr to Race SC18

Some information from me, i know i have been bad on updates on my blog, i am thinking of it kind of much, but have so little time..for me is the quality the main,and quantity the less. So i hope i got some readers left here..

Winter is here, and it is frezing!! minus 15 celsius

Nuff said about this, i am as you all know back on track with racing, and main 4wd 1/10th El..i raced for 2 weekends ago, and placed me as number 6 of total 19 starting, i did it to A-Main, some real good top drivers of sweden was in this race, Mikael Johansson, Junior EC driver. Quick "nillman" Månson, Robert "pleased" Häggren" etc..

But i still do burning for the small scale, they are quick,easy to go with and a lot of driving less work on the car...So as you have sen on my previous post i was up to Enköping and testing some AE RC18B2 on the Rynos Raceway..Ok here it is, the bomb..i like the Shortcourse cars on a strange way..they are butt-uggly, but on a real cool way...spec the little Associated SC18, that lid looks mean...So i ordered a SC18 rtr for a day a go, and i will recive it today. rtr?, well no kit yet.

Ordered some Superdiffs,Shiny CVD,Diffpulleys etc...

Running the AE 18B2 at rynos raceway

Today i decided to test my RC18B2 for real on a big indor carpet offorad track. After almost 100 packs i changed my front belt, little slip under braking this is outstnding, i was sure that the belts wouldnt last long but so wrong i was.

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