Thursday, October 31, 2013

Indoor Season and some projects...

Ok so i have been running the Mighty Carisma GTB for a while no..again ;)..and it is superb, in my opinion there is nothing like it could be adjusted in small ways, but this is must make money and to make a car that is done..aint good for them. But overall im happy and do love the car. See if there is any time this weekend for some practice.

Winter project is in progress and the Tp-Parts workshop is busy :)..i do miss my old AE RC18B2 platform, and even the SC18 to, so i bought a KIT and a RTR..tons of parts and some EXOTEK goodies..CF Towers and strap, hold thight my hands on a rare AE RC18B2 Factoryteam conversion!! in the middle of this one, parts coming from all over the world..the chassi and arms from the USA..same with the Hyperion pinions, for the Novak Mongoose motor, the Three-80 8.5T

Monday, October 28, 2013

More then 30 packs

And the car is i picked up an rtr AE RC18T2 and a AE RC18B2/T2 kit...on will be conerted to SC18 and shrouded with foams and novak mongoose..

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Carisma GTB - 6 run so far - Thougts...

So far it goes real well with this car..been running it for a few sessions now and the car is great. Itis the 2nd year it is out and what i know it is the same car today besides pulleys..what i know. I think there can be improvment on this one easy.

Cvd front should not be an option...the car have troubble to full steering, without popping bones 

Rear toe block , chassi should be little narrower so more antisquat can be anables when block turnes 180

Springs...still after 4 years they are to short in front...and you ONLY have 1 option medium or hard...

Slipper pressureplates can easy be 1-2mm wider or more to cover whole pad!!for more surface on pads...better adjustment. Today might not be any troubble?...but it is easier to adjust. New spring!..

Rear hub should be trimmed so you  can tune wheelbase with shim


All e-clip axles should be removed and get nuts insted, even if i have not had any problem..

Motormount do not allove much motors..mountholes to narrow to eachother

Excenters diff front and rear "tensioners" only allove you to run diffs in high possitions...need to be grades all arou d so you can lower the diff for less grip...

Ackerman should be designed as it is but with 2 holes..means from 2 ways today you get 4 locations..good for steering options..

Geardiff in metal can be good.


I know rome did not built in one day..not sure how people react about is not is costy and i know some of above ststment aint needed..but some are!.

Still i think this is the best micro today..

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Mighty GTB from Carisma

2 sessions yet this season..the car is the same as last year..the 1/16 4wd belt is nice to drive and only minor things that is less good.
Lack of front CVD reduces steering angle..motormount in plastic, 2013 i think one in aluminium would be included, front springs could be few mm longer...besides that the car is a league in its other mini on track can challange it.