Sunday, January 30, 2011

1/10th electric 4wd buggy

This is the class i do burn for, and have always liked. I did a short test period with a 1/10th SC 4x4 and it was fun..but new times are here and im back on track with 4wd buggy.

Today i am running the Caster S10B, it is a main rtr car, that i have only changed Electrics in, and shimmed/moded the diff sligtly..the car performes real good, and i do mean it..the car is so easy to drive, quick,oads of grip in rear and front..

2 weeks without any update...

So this is bad, from my side, that this blog have not been updated. With a lot of work and a family to take care of sometimes this happen, this means that the blogg will go on, and fo a long time. So i do hope that you still think it is fun to read. Update will be here now..

Sunday, January 16, 2011

SCRT10 on track | Video

So i have app 15 packs with my SCRT10 truck, and getting closer to the way i want my truck. Got some issiue with the electronics, so i have to wait a while for some action.

However this is my current setup

Diffs: 7-7-3

Shocks: Front-60wt Rear-50wt (AE oil)

Front: outer on arm,middle lower on tower, long link

Rear: Inner on arm,outer lower on tower,short link

Sway: front: 0 preload Rear: 0 preload

Rear hub: long car

Caster: 23

Ackerman: rear
Klick the pic to go to my Youtube chanel and see it on the track

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

890w of power...the Ballistic from Novak a 550 motor

that will take my SCRT10 around the track in no time..i hope :).

Thurs i can pick it up among the new pinions...a 14 and a 15

Then it will SC for the whole penny that noon/night

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Trashlid SCRT10

Well, it did not turnedout the way i wanted, wanted it to look, "used etc.." but, anyway here it is...

First test... SCRT-10

So Saturday was the first ever test with my new SCRT10. Since i had not recived my Balistic from Novak a 550 can with turns of 4.5 :). BUT i had to use an old TeamWave 6.5T..would it hold up to the amount o weight this truck deliver?..

First i did change the diffoils, insted of 3-3-1 i run 7-7-3, besides that, the car is stock out of the box..

Im running jconcepts Barcodes supersoft, and they are trimmed.

MambaMaxPro esc

#TeamWave 6.5T motor

XP1313 servo

Spectrum Pro

#=Balistic 550 motor will arrive this week

So i arrived in the noon to the track with my good friend Petros (he run Durango DEX410). And we started to charge and i put on some Tiresauce, CS Highgrip, full rears and half fronts..

The speed was real good, and the acc was descent, the steering was REAL good, rear end grip REAL good..the car felt real good right out, but ofcourse there is things to do..

After 2 packs i decided to start small tuning, so, first i mounted shocks in the tower front more "Out", car felt better, little saggy in the rear in turn,mid and on power, so out with the shocks on tower, shorter rear link. The car feels better then stock, and fly´s on the lap...rear quick. Springs, is something i need, harder fronts..

I will go up to 80wt front and around 60-70 rear.

The ca felt so great that i could push it real hard, and as usually you should ALWAYS skip last pack...but no i did not, and i planted it in the concret wall :D....

Parts ordered, and will pickup them this week...

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Can´t wait so i decided to test the SC 4wd class..

Since allmost all my cars are sold or up for sale, i had to do be hounest, i do like SC cars...maybe i have been affected by someone. A good paint, and a good driver behind is art to watch...just check this video out, cava and May fighting on a local race..


So i talked to a former clubmate and ordered a SCRT-10 car..i will run this car with

Novak Ballistic 4.5T 550 SC
XP1313 servo
IB 5600 Lipo
Jc tires
Jc lid

Il go for the RUbber at the moment, time will tell if i will move over to foams..

I know, or do hope that rc-monsters will produce a slipper for this car...less work with setups..

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Last 3 kits are up for sale...

Yes, my last kits are up for sale (No, the PhatBODIES will not be sold!!)


Check this link out..i can ship domestic, but that will be little more costy.

Hit me

Sunday, January 02, 2011

1/10th era have ended..

After a whiles thinking, i decided to quit 1/10th 4wd racing. The car is sold,all my electrics etc.. I recived a short "reborn" feeling end of summer, and then focused all my time on 4wd 1/10th..I felt after all 1/18 scale i had improved my going forward. But with the 1/10th i lost all my joy after a while.

Did a small test with my RC18B2 and i was tripple hooked again..tested the B44 and decided to look ahead insted of going backwards...The B44 i sold and all my focus is put on the PhatBODIES C2 and the temporary TEK14B...

Still got my


for sale..