Monday, July 30, 2012

Ten7 TDM on order

Yepp it is true...not sure why but used to run Mx back in the old days for fun..younger brother bought a YZ250...and that one has not worked flawless...plan was to get a oldschool KX500 91-92...but sold that idea to the trash :).... Somehow i got back to the Pitbike thoughts..a friend started the Ten7, and he quit that for a long time search for him and asked a few Qs..perfect for my son and me my brother to buy one to...somehow i allways like to fabricate, tune and so on...spec with the rc cars that i have been doing since -82..and not forgot the Ford F-100 -56 that fixed up :).. So, first out is the Ten7 140cc,some magn plug, load of airfilters, new Handlebars and graphix..later i hope to get the Kitaco inner kit, highflow ex/muff

Stockholms cup 1/8 el

Last outdoor race for me with the 1/8 buggy. Was fun. I did more then ok, and with a strong field, i could only hope to Q to A-main...said and done, of 21 starting, i Q to A-main as number 9.. The car is awesome, and christer @ is superb with all support and help. first final i ended up in a big start-crash and think i crossed the finish as number 7-9.. 2nd leg, i got away good, and stayed away from the crash, and picked up some real good speed...3rd place and the car was good...the huge 5step jump was easy as allways..but at the landing there was a car on roof...result..bent front main shaft, and a few sec later, the car was dead..motor cable was off... Same in the 3rd and last A-main...but this time the motor was moved, so no powa... overall, i am MORE then happy, i have always newed what i had in me, and i CAN be up there with the big guys.. Stay tune for more fun... something huge will enter this apartment soooon :D

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Big, even bigger | Stampede 4x4 | New ESC

The Mamba Max Pro SCT Edition have always worked flawless for me. it still does, but i am on the edge now..with the Hobbywing 4168 motor, i got a lot more ampdraw then the stock 2400 castle/neu motor. So i talked to Christer at and i got a Hobbywing 150A beeeeeefy ESC. it is designed for this motor =) i will only solder a new on/off button and we have a go

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some Air at Sandemar Bashing

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bashing Sandemar With my Brother...FINALY!!

Finaly my little brother got a car..he got real lucky the LHS had one Stampede 4x4 with the extra goodies ya need.. TeknoRC cvds on ll corners,Prolines Powerstrokes and GH Racings ALi towers. Stock Electronics, but it is good for hem...over 20 years since last time we run together :D

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First ever test outdoor Associated SC10 4x4

Maybe this sounds odd, i just got the Associated B44.1 4wd 1/10 buggy to get back to racing, and now posting about the SC version...
Well the main reason why i do not run my B44.1 yet is, i have a race with the 1/8 buggy at the end of the month, and i plan to double that race with SC.
Nuff said, the car have not rolled one M outdoor, and i do hate scratches :D....the car rolled indoor with slicks, yellow sways and springs meaning hard. Mounted the rear shocks on armes at the inner hole , more outtravel and roll.
I did 4 packs and the Proline Bow-Fighters worked well, i will see if i can get my hands on Snipers or Holeshots. I think the car swallow the bumps real good, lot of steering and good rear grip! The Hobbywing SC Pro system with the 4-pole 4700 motor working flawless, thanks to Christer @

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Monday, July 09, 2012

Xtremes Stampede - in bad shape

Yeah, sad broke the on the first day of the long weekend vacation..but today i got the front steeringcarriers

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New stickers

Got the new stickers for my 1/10th 4wd buggy racing season

Thomas Pettersson

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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Xtreme's Pede update | long vacation

Ok, so i have not posted or touched my Stampede since the last 2 weeks. I took a huge decide and going back to racing, meaning that i will still bash, it is a part of my life!

So i took some time yesterday and went over the truck. I must say A Stampede with the right upgrades is one of ,or the best Bashing truck there is. The only thing from the last sesion besides one c-hub is a setscrew right rear outdrive.

Now the wheelibar is fixed, one wheel where missing

Some 4/40 screws
Front 1/12 foamtire - cut to fit
3D - carbon foil

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Associated B44.1 on GreenHill

Finaly, after over a year i did my first pack, long way to get back to the shape i used to be in. But with some hard practice and will im going to be where i was when i took a timeout.