Saturday, September 25, 2010

Season 2010 outdoor

This season was the worst, with only one race. This was caused by the guys who runs this organisation. Date was moved and i had planned in almost 5 races this season..If this will show up @indoor season or coming 2011 outdoor i cant see any idea for me to get into it..

But il cross my fingers and hope that summer 2011 will be a good year, with a new car im like a newborn baby =)..

But this summer i have been running a LOT of 1/18 scale 4wd and 1/16 2wd on the GreenHill and Weedglade raceway(that sadly will move). So i am not sad or so, i think this season have been great with a descent number of tracktimes, but for racing, it is bad...

Hope Nille and Stefan will get the Vintercup out soon so i can book me up on a few cross my F´s for GOOD TIRE SELECTION and not the Crapy Schumacher, that ya need to dremeldown...

Losipartshouse order...1/10 4wd

Losi & Associated Parts House Items 1 ASC7475 FT V2 .89 Threaded Bodies, Front :B4, B4.1, B44 @ $19.95 = $19.95 1 ASC7479 FT V2 1.18 Threaded Bodies, Rear :B4, B4.1, B44 @ $20.74 = $20.74 1 ASC6443 Factroy Team Bleeder Shock Caps 1/10 (4) @ $5.80 = $5.80 1 ASC1586 Factory Team 5/64" Ball Hex Tip @ $5.24 = $5.24 1 ASC1543 FT 1/16 Hex Driver, Black handle (1) @ $8.71 = $8.71 1 ASC9710 Aluminum Center Bulkhead: B44 @ $12.44 = $12.44 1 ASC9718 Front & Rear Bumper:B44 @ $3.31 = $3.31 1 ASC5422 Silicone Shock Fluid 30wt/350cst (2oz) @ $2.90 = $2.90 1 ASC5429 Silicone Shock Fluid 35wt/425cst (2oz) @ $2.90 = $2.90 1 ASC5407 Red Silicone O-Rings:B4,T4,TC4 @ $1.66 = $1.66 1 LOSA5080 Internal Shock Spring Set:XX4 @ $4.14 = $4.14 1 ASC6469 Rubber O-Ring Shock Seals @ $1.24 = $1.24 1 ASC6272 Ballstud Dust Cover, foam @ $1.66 = $1.66 1 ASC6937 FT 4-40 Aluminum Locknut, blue anodized @ $4.14 = $4.14 1 ASC7381 MIP CVD/Uni-Drive Rebuild Kit @ $7.05 = $7.05

Tp-Parts front heavyduty shocktower for the B44

Did some small work at the workshop today..dremel and some time, and i think the result is ok.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Team Associated RC10B44 Factoryteam

Pictures will speak..


Better late then never...

So there is more the a week since my last post, and i am sorry for this..Have much to do at work and a new car(used) arrived for a few days ago..

I think i have a little "reborn" to 1/10th racing, and i have not been running since summer cup Orebro app. Maybe some small packs on GH, but the 1/18 scale cars have been used a LOT..spec the RC18B2..this summer i have done over 60 packs and with the PhatBODIES chunk, say 20..

I love Associated and decided to stick with them and their cars, so i will drive the Associated B44

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Summercup finals - 1/10 2/4wd

Watching the finals of summercup @ Greenhill2/4wd el buggy

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Associated SC10 FT on 4s lipo

This is my Associated SC10FT truck..for a small test i mounted a 4500mah 4s Lipo in the car, that already have a fast motor..the Mamba6900 (new model) and a MMP esc..the Whistle sound that ya hear on trottle is slipper spinning...(2 times Diff noice).. in the middle, trottling by the red car, ya can hear that there is a amount of sand on the car...:D (Sorry Foppa)

Hit me for some 4s Youtube action

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Wet condition

Monday, September 06, 2010


Finaly i have started with my xtreme 4s Lipo truck

SC10 - arival today

Today my new sc10 ft truck will land. Me and my son Linus will build this....

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Ansman macnum - Linus driving

My son Linus tested the truck