Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stampede "XL" 4x4 | lGoing big...going MT | Stuff..

got my hands on a xErun - Hobbywing 150A - 2000 system, sensorbased one..i hope it will be better, since the MambaMaxMonster system is so nonsensitive ...and deliver huge amount of power on a small radius on trottle...hard to adjust the car in the air..maybe it´s just my ESC that haveing some issues..


New Chassi,new rear bumper,some screws, centershaft and the long improved shaftcover...some real Lipo straps, i will modify the chassi to accept this...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stampede "XL" 4x4 | lGoing big...going MT | Cleaning Pictures

As i said, here they are..and the car is dirty,and well used...Diffs look brand new!! after i have only run 4-6s Lipo since it was new...diffs still filled..

Stay tune for more

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stampede "XL" 4x4 | lGoing big...going MT | Cleaning

Yes, i will upload a lot of pictures from my rebuilding the Stampede,StampedeXL to a MonsterSlash 4x4..front diffhouse is broken, so i have to do another order..but i will take the car apart...the diffs looks brand new!!!!

Stampede "XL" 4x4 | lGoing big...going MT

Yes..after last session, i destroyed last of my 12mm HEX Wheels, i wil do the aceton bath for them, and reuse my sweet badlands..same for the MOABs...

But the reason for this post is, i will transform my "Stamepde XL" to a MonsterSlash..

Ofna MT3 Splits White Wheel (4) ¨´
Panther 3.2" Komodo Dragon Low Profile Med Sft Tire (2)
Integy Billet Machined 17mm Hex Wheel Hub +6mm Offset
RPM Front Shock Tower Slash/Stampede 4X4 1
Traxxas Slipper Clutch Rebuild Kit Revo/T-Maxx
Traxxas Spur Gear 0.8P 54T Jato
RPM Front/Rear A-Arms Black Slash/Stampede 4X4
Traxxas Slipper Pressure Plate & Hub Alloy Revo
Traxxas Rear Wheelie Bar Mounts/Skidplate Stampede 4X4

this is the parts that is ordered, and will be here in a week or 2...but in meantime, i will have you updated, i will dismount everysingle part in my car, and rebuild it, clean it..i have never dismounted and opened the diffs since i got it..and it have been used only on 4-6 cells..only 2 pack o 3s :D...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stampede "XL" 4x4 | less activity

well i broke my battery post last bash, i will fix it, but i will be on hold on the MT conversion...the indoor racing are around the corner so i will focus more on thaht, but the bashing will be here as always, and maybe,maybe i will get that converison...il have to see...

Swedish Micro Challange 2011/2012

Thats the name for the new indoor cup held in Sweden...as usually it is Filip from SOuth Sweden that starting to put this together..i am glad he is back on track with micro´s

The race will use the BRCA-Micro/UKMicroX Rules

Rubber tires ONLY
clubs will as best as possible use different surfaces for more "off road feeling"

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bashing Rotebro-gravelpit

Sad to say, but this spot have been one of my favorites...but it is today useless...bad spots no piles or what so ever that can "be used for jumping and so on"

But, i got the chance to test the car with almost maxed slipper..and the car went out almost inzane :D

Monday, August 22, 2011


Yoo guys and girls =)...trying to do my best and keeping you updated. Back to work from 3 weeks Holiday...so this is the 2nd week i work.

But there is bad weather here, so il be posting some new bashing news asap..

Stampede "XL" 4x4 | Movie II

Stampede "XL" 4x4 | The bashing machine | New Shoes

Got some new Proline MOAB´s on White discrims..looks good

New Hex from Traxxas to

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stampede "XL" 4x4 | The bashing machine , done

Here it is...saaaaaaaaweeeet machine...it is a beast!!

Filmed with videogoggles..

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stampede "XL" 4x4 | The bashing machine

Friday i recived some stuff to convert my regular beast, the Traxxas Stampede 4x4 to a "XL"...now what is that?...just a regular Slash 4x4 chassi...but im using the RPM Revolver crawler wide offset so the look are ace...on that i dismounted my SCT MMP 2400 system for the BEASTY MMM castle/neu 2200 system..car using 4s..and is a SCREAMER!!! way far scary then the old system... :D....


Carisma GT14B 1 pack at greenhill

yes, Saturday and i went to the outdoor track for some practice..i did 2 packs, thats it..no need for more..some pics..

UKMicroX 2011 lottery

Yes!!...im lucky..a week since the finals was held at caldicot club in Wales UK...

I won a Carisma F14EVO ARR car..is is a beauty

DSC_0053.jpg image by gabbax_74

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

UKMicroX 2011

Craig Harris wins 1/16 4wd and Dann Osbourne wins 2wd 1/16

A-Main Leg 3

I BQ and won B-Final, laptime and laps would placed me in top 6th A-Main..but that is IF i qualified ok, wich i didnt..

Thursday, August 04, 2011

UKMicroX 2011 - airport Sweden

So finaly we ar located at Arlanda airport for the biggest micro race thus year the UKMicroX2011

Plane leaves in app 1 h

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1 day left...then we leaving for the UKMicroX 2011

Yes..final day here in Sweden, then i and Björne will leave for the biggest Micro race of the year..the UKMicroX 2011...held in Wales/Caldicot/UK..

Today it is the final day for look over everything,that we have all parts,packs and so on..

Since there is no WiFi at the venue, i will update everything at the hotel on the evening..

Monday, August 01, 2011

UKMicroX 2011 care is done...part ...last


4 days to UKMicroX 2011

Flight Check
Rental car Check
Hotel Hilton Check

Soon...soon baby, biggest race this year